Africa is the second largest and second most populous continent. Area is 30,3 million km2 which includes an adjacent islands. Africa has 1,0 billion people which is about 15% of world human population. Africa is surrounded by Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Red Sea which is along Sinai Peninsula, Suez Canal and Mediterranean Sea. Did you know that Africa is the youngest continent in term of population because more than 50 % of African population is 19 years or younger. The largest country by area is Algeria. The largest country by population is Nigeria. The smallest country is Seychelles’ and the smallest nation is Gambia. In its geologically Africa includes a Zagros Mountains, Arabian peninsula. One more interesting fact is that Africa as continent is only one who stretches from numerous climate areas; from northern temperate to southern temperate zone. North part of Africa is primarily from desert to arid, central and southern parts are savanna and jungle or rainforest. Well know is that Africa is the hottest continent. The highest record of the highest temperature was set in Libya in 1922 with 50°C. African fauna is the largest by combination of free and range wild animals. As regards economy despite that Africa has abundant natural resource it still remains world’s poorest continent. As regards languages UNESCO estimated that there are more than 2000 spoken languages. According WBE Islam is the largest religion followed by Christianity. Africa has in total 58 countries.