Asia; well known world most populous and the largest continent. It is located primarily on northern and eastern hemisphere. Also it covers 8,8 % of Earth total surface. There had been calculated that Asia is home more than 4,3 billion people, in percent that will be 60 %of human population. Form the east it defined the Suez Canal, the Ural Mountains and Ural River and from the south it border with Caucasus Mountains, Black and Caspian Seas and from the east it border with Pacific Ocean and from the south with Indian Ocean and from north by the Arctic Ocean. Asia despite diversity and size is also is more than cultural concept. It home to diverse regions, ethnic groups, environments, historical ties and different government systems. As regards geography Asia has the largest coastline. Also it has diverse geographic and climates features. For climate it ranges from tropical in Southern Asia and India to subarctic in Siberia and arctic. As regards economy Asia has largest nominal GDP and also the largest measured in purchasing power parity. Largest economy states in Asia are China, India, Japan, Indonesia and South Korea. Also Asia is the largest in the world for its natural resources such as water, forests, petroleum, fish, cooper, rice and silver. Asia also has a strong Human Development Index improvement. As regards languages Asia is home to several families of languages. Also Asia is home to many religions from Christianity to Buddhism, Abrahamic religions and pure Judaism. The total number of Asian countries is 51 countries.