Chiang Mai is northern capital city of Thailand, the earlist history trace of this city can be seen in remanauts of the original city walls, inner walls, squared inner city and moated, Chaing Mai is very approachable it feels samll but the centr is well defined and above all the mountain of Doi Suthep is forming a perfect backdrop, it has over 100 Buddhist temples some of Burmese or Shan origin, there is also mosques, Hindu Temples, one Sikh temple and Christain churches, in the end it reflects the cosmopolitan nature of religion, its shops and markets are repository of wonderfull handcrafts, hand painted umbrellas, carved wooden furniture, fabrics silk, cotten chlothing, jewellery, there are also bookshops, cinemas, sports, clubs, bars, art galleries and exhibitions and famous National Museum, you can learn Thai cooking and Thai massage, also there is live music venues on the banks of the Ping River, must see Chians Mais several annual festival, Wat Phra That the Thailands most sacred temple.


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