India or full officially name Republic of India. India is located in South Asia. India is second most populous country with over 1,3 billion people and seventh large country by area. It border on land with Pakistan, Nepal, China, Burma, Bangladesh, and Bhutan and by water with Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal. In the vicinity with India falls Maldives and Sri Lanka. Nicobar Islands and Andaman hare a maritime border with Indonesia and Thailand. Well know history of India is that is ancient historic trade route and with many empires. Also four religions of the world originated form there; Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism and Sikhism. The capital city is New Delhi but the largest is Mumbai. As regards to economy India has world tenth largest by nominal GDP and third largest by purchasing powers. The market based economic reforms make India fastest growing mayor economies from 1991. But this country challenge with healthcare, corruption, poverty, terrorism and malnutrition. As regards government India is federal constitutional republic. Also India is multi ethnic society, pluralistic and multilingual and also home to diversity of wildlife and protected habitats. Official language is Hindi and English. Everyone who has visited this country has been thrilled by its culture, cousin, clothing, architecture, art, religion and nature. So this country defiantly must be on the list must visit country.

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