MUmbai is Indias largest city, the megalopolitan monster, originally was an island archipelago inhabited by fisherman and Buddhist monk, it transformed from seven muddy islands into the colonial city of Bombay - the most important port on the Arabian Sea, since that name is changed to Mumbai, first thing to visit is the Gateway of India, an Indo-Saracenic monument on the waterfront, the Mumbais most famous icons are the magnificent Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Walkeshwar temple complex, Victoria Terminus a Gothic building that more look like a cathedral than a station, Mari Bhavan building that was Mahatma Ghandis base, now there is a museum and research library, St Thomas Cathedral the oldest English building in Mumbai, day and night its streets teem with people of all complexions, cultures and creeds, it is a city of contradictions and extremes, migrant come all over Asia lured by dreams of Bollywood wich is the largest film Industry in the world, Mumbai is a city of chance,where both dreams and nightmares are spun into reality.


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