Tehran is the capital city of Iran and also Irans largest urban city and area, its centre of Iranians industries such as chemical, cement, textiles, sugar, military, weapony, automotive, electrical, Tehran has a diverse rang of peoples, religious, churches, the city is home to many historic churches, mosques, synagoges and Zoroastrian fire temples, Tehran has many chic and modern restaurants with traditional and cosmopolitan food, the most popular is chelow kabab, Tehran has one of the most convenient metro system and one of the most cleanest metro, its also the biggest and most important educational center of Iran, the Azadi Tower or Freedom Tower is longstandig symbol of Tehran, Milad Tower is the world fourth tallest tower, it conatins few restaurants, hotel with five stars, convention centre, world trade centre and IT park, the tallest building is the Tehran International Tower, the Peacock Thorne of the Persian Kings  is in the Tehrans Golestan Palace, Safir Office Machines Museum, Tehran Underglass painting Museum, Niavaran Palace Complex, Glassware and Ceramics Museum of Iran, the Carpet Museum of Iran, Sa`dabad Palaces Complex, National Museum of Iran, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art contains works of great artist such as Pablo Picasso, Van Gogh and Andy Warhol, Iranian Imperial Crown Jewles, Iranian Central Bank, the Azadi Cinema, Iran City Game, Iram Zoo, Laleh Park with statue of Abu Rayhan Biruni, City Theatre.


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