France or official the Franch Republic a semi-presidential unitary republic located in Western Europe. It border extends from North Sea and English Channel to Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. This state even has a shape and it is a hexagon so it’s often call l’Hexagone. Also it is a member of the European Union. Also it is a largest country in West Europe. It is also second large country with exclusive economic. One of the thing about France is that has through history a strong influence to Europe in culture, military and economic area. Capital city is well known to everybody, its Paris. The language is French. Climate in France is varieties from places where you are such as from Alp climate to Mediterranean and oceanic. Also France is member of G20. Also one of the importances as regards to France is agriculture products, such as Rose wines to champagne and Bordeaux and cheese, beef and wheat. With many beautiful places and small town and nature to visit it makes France a first tourist destination.


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Capital town:


Largest city:


Official languages:



640,679 km2


66,616,416 (2014)

Flag of France