Blue Lagoon Iceland

Blue Lagoon Iceland  is a geothermal spa. This one is located in Iceland. It is one of the most visited attractions. This spa and its steamy water is part of lava formation. Location of this spa is on lava field in Grindavik, Reykjanes Peninsula. Today is a geothermal complex who gives you a complete medical care. Geothermal water is rich with minerals like sulfur and silica. This water is very good for people who have skin diseases such psoriasis.
The average temperature of Blue lagoon is from 37-40 C. In this medical complex is attached also a Research and Development facility who research is to find how more can a mineral water help for skin diseases. Water is vented from the ground near where lava flows and then it is used to run turbines that make electricity. After all that hot water and steam pass a heat exchanger which provide heat for water heating system. Then is fed into lagoon for a medical use. On Iceland have a strict code for hygiene. Every guest has to shower without cloth before and after bathing. Because that it is build a communal shower. In 2007 it was claimed that Blue Lagoon Iceland  appeared green, which everybody was confused.