Haridwar is a lovely old Hindu city in the foothills of the Himalayas; also know as 'Gateway to God'. On the point where River Ganges flows out from mountains Haridwar is situated.
Haridwar is one of the seven holy cities where spiritual liberation or moksha can be obtained. Many gurus and swamis have their headquarters here in streets of beautiful old mansions or havelis with exquisite stonework and murals. Haridwar is a famous centre for ayurvedic medicine and traditional learning. Also the riverside is lined with ancient ashrams, temples and pilgrim rest houses or dharamsalas. Haridwar exudes with a wonderful atmosphere: holy cows roam around the narrow streets of Jwalapur bazaar, bottles of holy Ganges water, where stalls are piled high with heaps of brilliant red holi powder and garlands of marigolds. Khumb Mela is largest festival. Is that time magnificent moment when 7 million people gather to purify themselves and Haridwar is one of the four holy cities where is held. In April is held a pilgrim festival with huge amount of people, which come to bath from bathing steps or holy ghats and pary The Har-ki-pauri is one of the most sacred ghats in India. Every night while this festival is, in time at dusk, it’s held the Aarti-magical ceremony. Prayers are chanted to the accompaniment conch shells and bells to the goddess Ganga and then everyone releases a diya or candle in a little clay dish of flowers and incense; hundreds of flickering lights disappear into the distance downriver of Ganges, carrying away all evil. You should also know that Haridwar is completely alcohol free city and all vegetarian.