Havana is the capital and most beauty city of Cuba. The most beautiful about city is Havana’s architecture. Despite the history and years Havana still have the same but unique splendor. It gives a record to colonial buildings dating from several different centuries. Also the defensive walls and fortress El Morro with grand neo classic houses in Spanish or French style and neo baroque building as Gran Teatro which is built in German and also with Art Deco and Art Nouveau Capitolio in the Ediflcio Bacardi gives a unique experience when you come to Havana.
Although you could never image that in Havana you will found a marble bust of Marie Antoinette in Museum of Decorative Arts. Among Marie you will found Meissen, Sevres, Worcestor and Imari porcelain, Chinese screens, English landscape paintings and furniture and more than 33,000 European paintings. And because all this Havana has a city importance links with Europe. Except the European you can find a fine art, Asia art, Arabic art and Afro Caribbean religious artifact.
One of the must see is Museum of the revolution which where a former Presidential Place and of course the famous Hemingway Museum. Also is important a Habana Vieja or Old City and its fortifications and they are put in UNESCO World Heritage List.
The country political isolation is not so bad because the city is preserved form from international famous coffee shops and fast food chains. Some of the government foundation restoration manages to put buildings into the use and become once more beautiful. Except architecture and museums the city people give a special vibrant feeling. Also this nation is special by its national drinks as the daiquiris, rum and mojito and of course the national dance the samba. This nation maybe poor by material but is rich by history and architecture.