Hiroshima a city that will always be known as city attacked by atomic bomb. Today is rebuilt vibrant and modern city. After the 10 years of end the World War Two it reaches again the pre war population. The contest of Peace Memorial Museum and A Bomb Dome are the today living remains of Industrial Prefectural Promotional Hall which survive the blast of bomb. One more thing about park is that it dedicated to children died.
The Cenotaph for the A-bomb Victims and the Hiroshima National Peace Memorial Hall are also dedicated to victims of bomb. Important to see is Hijiyama-koen a large park with forest area and manicured gardens. Also must see a Museum of Contemporary Art and Manga Museum. Hiroshima was an important city during Edo, Meiji and Shogun periods.In that memory of that period the castle was rebuilt as museum and it is dedicated to life in Edo period.
The Hiroshima Museum is one of the best museums with great collection of French Renaissance art in Asia. Also must see are amazing gardens of Shukkei-en which are near Ground Zero. One more interesting sight is Rainbow Bridge. As regards religions sites you have to see a Mitaki-dera. It is a beautiful shrine with three waterfalls. The Tahoto Pagoda is memorial to victims of bombing brought from Hirogawa.
Despite the bombing which is impossible to forget Hiroshima people are very nice and welcoming and they rebuilt the city in modern and unique city. Except culture you will enjoy in good restaurants and quality food with wide range of cuisine.