The city of Kinshasa is the heart of the ever growing African tourism industry. Nestled on the shores of the Congo River, the city has grown from a humble fishing village into a national and cultural landmark.
Kinshasa is also the only city in the world to sit opposite of another nations capital city, Brazzaville. Kinshasa has sprawled in previous years and is an iconic sign of the growing tourism industry found throughout all of Africa. Perhaps no place else in Africa embodies this as well as the city of Kinshasa. With the wealthy living next to the starving, and world class universities riding on the outskirts of the cities slums, the city itself shows both faces of modern Africa.
The city has become a haven to tourists from all over the world as it hosts a variety of activities, and landmarks. With the Congo River as a neighbor, water based tourism has exploded in recent years. With incredible fishing sites, and dozens of boat charters, Kinshasa has drawn water lovers from all over that look to escape the brutal heat of the area.
Major historical areas of the city are represented by Cite de IOUA, the heart and life blood of the government of the Republic of Congo. With the historical Kinshasa Museum and a world class fine arts academy the city has attracted tourists from all areas of life looking to learn more about the areas unique and traditional past.
But the city is more than just a growing relic of the past, it also hosts some of most highly acclaimed venues for night life in all of Africa. The infamous Quartier Matonge hosts some of the continents most sought after bars, and restaurants. Specializing in local cuisine and beverages, as-well as offering food from dozens of other nations around the world.
Transportation in the city is always growing and the options are as expansive as anywhere else. With in-city railways, local bus's, taxis, segway service, and moto bike transportation the city has something to suit every need and every traveller. Kinshasa also serves as a hub for international travel and offers private planes, trains, and inter-state bus routes that drop off at hundreds of locations around the world. With rich history, and a growing night life Kinshasa has something for every traveller to enjoy. From modern skyscrapers, to lush river deltas, Kinshasa is a city unlike any other in the world.