In high mountains the Aztecs built the city on Island nearby Lake Texcoco in 14th century. After the Spanish Conquest 2 centuries later they built a new city and make it as capital city of New Spain. After the 1 000 years it become a capital city of independent state Mexico.
You can still found traces of specific construction from Aztecs architecture even in modern city thoroughfares. The most secret place for Roman Catholic is Basilica de Guadalupe also the main pilgrimage centre. Alos one of the historyc site is a outskirts of the city are the Aztec mines of Teotihuacan. Here you will found a amazing archeological remains and stunning world class museums. Except building people here a kind and welcoming and also you should try amazing food.
When the great damage happen in 1985 it made damage to “floating gardens” of Xochimilco and historic centre but despite that it were listed on UNESCO World Heritage List. This historic centre is a mix of pre Spanish monuments and colonial architecture. When you hear it it doesn’t seem it can go together but somehow it goes. Also is interesting that city is is full of different museums range from archeology subjects to modern Mexican paintings and graphic.
Most famous work is by Frida Kahlo located in Museum of Modern Art. Also popular places are Condesa and Roma and San Angel for nightlife, shopping and food, Chapultepec de Lomas because it’s full of tourist sites, Ciudadela the craft market and Polanco for people-watching and up market shopping.