Munich is the capital and the largest city of the German state Bavaria. Location is on the river Isar on the north part of Bavarian Alps. As goes size, Munich is third largest city after Hamburg and Berlin. Population amount is about 1.5 million people which live in city limit. Interesting fact comes from name Munchen; it is a native name which derived from Old High German “Munichen” which means “by the monks place”. Name come from the monks of Benedictine order who founded the city. The flag of city which is consisted from black and yellow color come from Holy Roman Empire and since that it has been official city’s colors. Munich is home of many internationals and national authorities and have many famous and strong universities’ and major and famous museums and theatres. Despite culture also it has famous architectural attractions and internationals sports events, conferences and exhibitions. One of the most famous is Munich Oktoberfest which attracts many tourists. Motto of the city is “Muchen mag dich” which means “Munich loves you”. Today Munich is a publishing and financial hub and top ranked location for migration and expatriate. Also by the economically it is the fastest growing and successful city in Germany. Munich have many famous place and architecture and monuments to visit; here are some of the most popular and interesting: the Marienplatz which is a large open square with a Marian column in center and Old and New Town Hall, then there is Justizpalast with fountain. Near is the Peterskirche the oldest church and Frauenkirche which is the famous building in center. Also there is Ludwigstrasse, Highlight Towers, Odeonsplatz, State Museum of Classical art, Maximilianeum and Max Joseph Platz, Museum of Ethnology, Haus der Kunst Museum, Bavarian National Museum and Schakgalerie, Nymphenburg Palace, the englischer Garten, Olympiapark and many more other sites, museum and monuments to visit. If you have a chance you must visit this top tourist destination, it is just famous.