Although when we hear the name Nazareth we all think as synonymous with Christianity, but in fact the city is 60 % Muslim and the largest Arab settlement in Israel. Nazareth is political and cultural capital for Israel’s Arab community and also city of Christian religious sites. Odder city or older parts are built in hollow and 25 km from the Sea of Galilee. The city is surrounded by 500-m (1600-ft) high hills. If you ever get a chance to climb to high hills you will experience some wonderful views, especially if you climb the Mount of Precipice which is city's highest point. Near the entrance to the bazaar is central city landmark the beautiful Basilica of the Annunciation - the largest church in the Middle East. The bazaar area is the heart of the city. Nazareth bazaar area is one of the largest markets in Israel. It makes a maze of picturesque lanes becoming increasingly narrow the deeper you go. Bazaar main street is the Greek Catholic 'Synagogue' Church and the Franciscan Mensa Christi. There is also oldest mosque in the city, the early 19th century AI Abaid or White Mosque. City is packed with important churches, monasteries and convents; one of the beautiful is the Gothic Basilica of Jesus the Adolescent. There are also several Muslim shrines and numerous historical and archaeological sites. Nazareth is not just a city for religious pilgrimage. Its Eastern ambience gives it a charm that makes you want to spend time dawdling in side street cafes, eating mouth-watering pastries and watching the old men smoking their nargileh.