Albania or officially Republic of Albania is a country located in Southeastern Europe. It border with Greece, Macedonia and Kosovo. It has also coastline on Adriatic Sea and on the Ionian Sea. Government is unitary parliamentary republic with democracy and transition economy. Capital city is Tirana and it is home to 600,000 people. Also Tirana is financial capital city in Albania. As regards market area Albania has a free market reforms which has open the country to foreign investments in energy and transportation infrastructure. Albania is member of UN, World Trade Organization, NATO, Council of Europe and Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe. Official language is Albanian. Other minority languages are Macedonian, Bosnian, Romanian, Bulgarian and Serbian. 95% of population is Albanian; the minorities of ethnic groups are Greek, Macedonian and Aromanians. As regards climate Albania has a high number of climate are which are relative on which landmark you are. To explain; from Mediterranean climate to Continental climate. Albania has rich and distinguished biological diversity. In 2011 Albania was listed as top travel destination. This country is special by it natural beauty, culture and people and it has to be visited.