Auschwitz concentration camp the concentration camp build and operated by the Third Reich in Poland through the World War II. It is one of the biggest German Nazi camp. It is compound of Auschwitz I or base camp, the Auschwitz II Birkenau or extermination camp and Auschwitz III the Monowitz or labor camp. The name Auschwitz becomes official name after attack of Germany on Poland in September of 1939. Mostly the prisoners were Jewish nationality or 90 %, the rest are Poles, Sinti, Roma, Soviet prisoners of war and many more. The most way of killing is by the gas chambers, if not they died of forced labor, medical experiments, individual executions, infectious disease or starvation. Freedom people experienced on January 27 , 1945 year by Soviet troops. It is world know day as International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Today is museum which counts more over 1,300,000 yearly visitors that pass through the famous gate ”Arbeit macht frei” or “work makes free”.

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