Autodromo Nazionale Monza a race track near town Monza in Italy. One of the biggest event here is Formula One-Italian Grand Prix. The speciality of this place is that there is three tracks which are located in Royal Villa of Monza park. The Grand Prix track-5,792 Km, decaying high speed track-4,249 Km, Junior track-2,404 Km. The most famous curves are Curva Parabolica, Curva di Lesmo, Variante Ascari. The most famous speed curve is Curva Grande. The Monza autodrom in early years from begining has been arena of many accidents fatal. It had claimed lives of 35 spectors and 51 drivers.But through year the track has been modifay and improved. But there is still one part of track about which drivers give their complaints becouse there is no run off areas-Variante della Roggia.

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