Czech Republic country located in central Europe. It  border with Austria, Slovakia, Germany, Poland. Capital city is Prague and also the largest with 1,4 million inhabitants. Official language is Czech. One of the interesting facts about Czech Republic is that that is ranked as ninth most peaceful country and also most healthy by infant mortality and most democratic country. Czech Republic is member of NATO, European Union, OSCE, OECD and Visegrad Group. Climate I temperate continental with hot summers and cold, snowy winters. Czech Republic posses a developed high income. Also it is part of the Schengen Area. As regards tourism Czech Republic have a substantial income. In 2011 Prague was sixth most visited city. As regards religion in Czech, here people are mostly declared as undeclared-45%, minority is irreligion and Roman Catholicism. Some say for this people that there are tolerant and even indifferent to religion. Here you can enjoy in rich culture, architecture and nature.



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Brno Masaryik Circuit is a motorsport race track with long history of existence. Location is near Brno in Czech Republic. This motosport track has one of big events like Masaryk Grand Prix and MotoGP Prix of Czech Republic.