Formentor is peninsula of eastern Majorca, most famous part of Formentor is Cap de Formentor or how the Majorcans like to call it Cape the Meeting point of the winds, it is located on the northern point of Majorca, Formentor has it highets point called Fumart with its 383 meaters above the sea level, except hard rocks and grass there are also a few bays like Cala Fiquera, Cala Pi de la Posada and Cala Murta, the most popular lookout point with its spectactular viwes is Mirador del Mal Pas.

There are select areas in Formentor which have a sprinkling of luxury holiday villas similar to those vacation villas. Being blessed with spectacular views of the surrounding area, a few affluent residents and some expatriates have decided to build their holiday homes and vacation houses near the beaches or even further near the top of the bluff to have unimpeded access to the beautiful scenery around the island.


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