Hungary is located in Central Europe. It border with Slovakia, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine, Croatia, Austria and Slovenia. Largest and capital city is Budapest. Hungary is member of European Union, OECD, NATO, Visegrad Group and Schengen Agreement

Official language is Hungarian known also as Magyar. This language is member of Uralic family and most populous non Indo European language. Country after Treaty of Trianon which was established after World War 1 lost more than 71 % of territory, 57% of population. From 1989 to today Hungary is a democratic parliamentary republic. Hungary has a medium sized high income and it is politically, structurally and institutionally open economy which is part of EU single market. Ethnic groups are Romans, Germans and undeclared. As regards climate Hungary has a continental climate with hot summers but frequent rain showers and middle cold and snowy winters. Today most interesting thing that is invented in Hungary is Rubik’s Cube invented by Hungarian Erno Rubik. As regards religion Hungarian people are mostly declared as Catholics, minority are Calvinists, Lutherans and small percent of atheist. This is a beautiful country with lot to offer you from architecture, folk art to beautiful nature.


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