Innsbruck is located in Western Austrias mountainous Tyrol region, it is not only winter sports centre but also and ancient settlement, it become famous for hosting Winter Olympic Games two times, Emperor Maximiliaus 1 heritage express in some fine buildings such as the baroque cathedral of Don zu St. Jakob, Schloss Ambras castle, the Kaiserliche Hoffe or Imperial Palace, civic buildings, triumphal arches and churches, there is also one notable sights-the  Golden Roof building, the old town is ideal for sightseers and shoppers, in winter the countryside and mountains offer a winter sports with many facilities while in summer it become a picture or postcard straight from "The Sound of Music", there are several interesting museums one of wich is the Bell Museum for who has been in the same family for many genarations and another Riesenrundsemalde wich have a massive panoramic painting oh Beattle of Bergisel on the Napoleonic Wars, dont miss to see a Alpenzoo a highest zoo specializing in alpine animals, Anatomical Museum and St. Anna column.

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