Krakow a historic and charming city who lies in southern Poland on the river Vistula in valley Carpathian Plateau. Krakow Old City or Stare Miasto is home of Gothic, Renaissance and Barouqe architecture. The most intresting about Krakow that it is the only city in Poland that remain intact during World War II and so today is well preserved medieval city with rich history in architecture such as nemerous museums, picturesque streets, churches, restaurants, caffes and bars. Old City is surrounded by lightly forested parkland named Planty. The tenth century Royal Castle is a symbol for Polish people. The Cathedral chapel is the finest so its considred Renaissance example in the country. Also you can enyoj in impressive central square with Gothic St Mary Basilica. It is famous by that that every hour a trumpet call from the tower. also there is a Town Hall Tower,Kazimirez restored Jewish quarter, the Barbican Czartoryski Museum, the Church of St Peter and Paul and Old Synagogue.

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