Lviv or Lavov is located in Ukraine, looking down from Vysoki Zamok or High Castle on the domes and spires of the old walled city Lvov is full of stunning examples of Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance architecture with so many five star historical attractions, there are cathedrals, churches, palaces and institutions packed around Ploshcha Rynok or Market Square which are example of surviving bloody conflicts between Poles, Russians, Germans and Lithuanians with less damage, the cobbled streets are patched with multicolour facades wich are literally crumling, along the Prospect Svobody or Freedom Avenue Lvivs main thoroughfare wich is actually built on top of the heavily polluted river which ran beside the city wall there are lots of smart international shops, must visit cathedral and churches especially Boyims Chapel topped by figure of Christ a la Rodins Thinker and the Art Nouvean Main Ranway Terminal.

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