Palma or full name Palma de Mallorca is the port and major city on island Majorca or Mallorca. In history Palma was founded as camp for Roman Empire. Also it was used as port for traveling to Africa, Hispania, Saguntum and Cartago. Today are not visible remains but archeological excavating discovers that there was a city under present city. City is located on large and beautiful Bay of Palma on Mediterranean Sea part. Main sights are Placa d Espanya which is the transport hub of Palma. One of the most famous sights is La Seu a cathedral built on old mosque. Parc de la Mar or Park of the Sea is located on south by the beautiful building which is near stone foundation of city. Between it are a Town Walls. In Old City is located beautiful maze of streets based on Arab past and El Publo Espanol. Also have to see a Banys Arabs or Arab Baths which are remnants of Palma Moorish Past. By Convent of the Cathedral are amazing gardens of Ca’n Fontirroig. Ca’n Fontirroig is home to cacti, palm trees, Sardinian warblers and house sparrows also with large amount of ferns and flowers. In Palma you can enjoy in football, sea sport, tennis and road cycling.

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