Port of Koper is an public company which provides a logistic and port service. Porto of Koper is located In Slovenia in north part of Adriatic Sea. It connects a market of Southeast and Central Europe with Mediterranean Sea. Different thing about this port is that that have comprise of management of free zone area while another port are managed by port authorities. One special thing about port Koper is that that it has 12 specialized terminals. They are: passenger terminal, livestock terminal, container and ro-ro terminal, car terminal, liquid cargoes terminal, general cargo terminal, European energy terminal, terminal for minerals, alumina terminal, terminal for cereals and fodder, fruit terminal and timber terminal. It was opened in 1957 and it has a size of 272 ha. In the beginning was a problem to open because of strong competition of Port Rijeka in Croatia and Port of Trieste in Italy. But despite all of that they manage to open and it leads them to widespread commercial co-operation and long term partnership between customers and port. One of the very best results are achieved in 1963 as a consequence of opening a first free zone and also when it start to able to provide a range of service for companies that are using port. From 2000-2006 because offering a container traffic a general cargo has increased over 50 percent. But the most profit come from trade with Hungary and Austrian clients. Because container freight and vehicles Port of Koper records a large growth and because that, that become an importance to prosperity of Port Koper. And like it seems it will remain as key of strategic of development for Port of Koper.

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