Sarajevo is a cosmopolitan dynamo city, now it represent the essence of the Balkan, insted of synthesizing the European an Oriental culture it is distinctness by booth culture, Frehadija is Sarajevo main artery, an Ottoman style street with small shops, awnings and arches, balconies, along the way trough the city dominates history of  Balkan such as Gazi-Husrev Bey Mosque, the Roman Catholic Cathedral, the old and New Serbian Orthodox churches and the Old Jewish Temple, there is Sebilj a axis of Bascarsija the city most histoeic district, the clamour of  trading, luscious mid eastern music, mingled smells of cooking and livestock befuddle any sense of being still in Europe, the Sarajevo Tunnel Museum is great to explore dont miss amazing views over the city from steep hills, must  visit the Latin Bridge where gavrilo Princip shot the Arch-Duke Franz Ferdinand and it was begining of World War I, the most intresting are "Sarajevo Rose" a distinctive scar in the road made by impact crater of a shell and shrapnel spatter-it represent spilling of innocent blood of people.

Enyoj in MOSTAR PHOTOS the most beatiful and historic town of Bosnia and Herzegovina