Seville is the largest and capital city of community Andalusia in Spain. It location is on plain of river Guadalquivir. Seville has an Old Town which is the largest area of 4, 2 km 2 in Europe. It is under UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The most interesting building in this Old Town is Cathedral, General Archives of the Indies and Alcazar palace complex. First one who founded Seville was Roman under the name Hispalis. Did you know that Seville has a motto: “NO8DO” which means “No me ha dejado” translated to English “It has not abandoned me” thinking on Seville. Through history Seville has many buildings and cultural building dated from different cultures and architectures. In early periods there is the Giralda whixh is historic square with remains of Roman, Castilian and Moorish periods. Then comes a Moorish area which leaves many building with Islamic architecture. One of the Moorish buildings is: Patio del Yeso, bell tower of Seville Cathedral and main section of Giralda. Castilian rule also have strong influence on culture. One of the famous things is Hall of Ambassadors in the Alcazar of Seville. You can see the Fountains of Hispalis, Metropol Parasol, the Barqueta Bridge, Palace of San Telmo, Ayuntamiento de Seville, courtyard of Maidens, the top of the Torre del Oro, the Gold Tower, Plaza de Espana, Navigation Museum, Museum of Fine Art of Seville, Maria Luisa Park, Gardens of Murillo, the Alcazar gardens and of course the famous flamenco dancers.

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