Verona is located near Lake Garda where the River Adage emerges from Alps into the Northern Italian plain, Verona is a city of ten bridges endowed with picturesque squares and streets and it is UNESCO World Heritage Site, a city history is well ilustrated by buildings and monuments, shrin of Veronas patron saint the St Zeno lies beneath the stunning Basilica of Saint Zeno Maggiore the triumph of Romanesqu emasterpiece, other Romanesque masterpiece are Basilica of San Lorenzo, Church of Santa Maria Antica, Piazza del Erbe is picture of Italian lively market, Nearby Piazza dei Signori is surrounded by palaces especially the Town Hall, you should know that Verona is home to Romeo and Juliet so you can visit an old stone balcony falsely claming association with the fictional lovers, must visit a National History Museum with collection of fossils and archeological remains, the Castelvecchio Museum and Torre del Commune which offers you a great view from the top.

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