Windsor Castle is a royal residence of Berkshire. It is located at Windsor town. Some parts of this castle date back to 11th century. It is famous and notable because the British royal family is associated with castle and its own architecture. First was build after the William the Conqueror invaded.  It is considered that this castle is the most long occupied palace in Europe. It is one of the famous and finest building ever builds in England and the biggest achievement of English Perpendicular Gothic designs. In palace is also included the St. Georges Chapel dating from 15th century. Today more the 500 people work and live here. First was build for protection of Norman dominance. Today it is for royal court and diplomatic entertainment. This castle survives many historical events from wars to prisons. Today it is a Queens’s weekend home, venue for hosting state visits and tourist attraction. The palace is surrounded by parkland. The most famous part of this parkland is Long Walk. It is an avenue of trees which runs for 5 kilometers.  On the south of the palace is private school of St. Georges. On the 20 of November in 1992 happens a great fire, it last for fifteen hours. Many rooms were destroyed. If you have to chance to visit it you have to, it is a beautiful and interesting architecture with rich history to tell you.

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