Russia or officially and full name Russian Federation is a country in north Eurasia. Russia is federal semi presidential republic. It border with Estonia, Norway, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, North Korea and China. Also it has maritime border with Japan and Alaska US state across Bering Strait. Russia is well known as the largest country in the world which covers more than 1/8 Earths land area. Also Russia is ninth most populous nation with 144 million people. As Russia spreads through Eastern Europe and and across entirety Asia it spans through nine time zones. Russian economy is eight largest by nominal GDP and fifth largest in purchasing power parity. Also Russia has a lot of energy resources and mineral extensive. By that it is the largest in reserve in the world. Also globally is the largest in producers of natural gas and oil. This country is one of the five with recognized nuclear weapons and have large stockpile of mass destruction weapons. For Russia you can say that is great power. It is member of G8 and G20, United Nations Security Council, also member of Council of Europe, Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, Eurasian Economic Community, World Trade Organization and leading member of Commonwealth of Independent States. Russia has 23 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and 40 UNESCO biosphere reserves and 41 national parks and 101 natural reserves. Climate depends on which part of country you are; from humid continental climate to subarctic climate and polar climate to humid subtropical and semi arid climate. The capital and the largest city is beautiful Moscow. Russian official language is Russian. Orthodox Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Buddhism are traditional religions of Russia.



Described by Dostoevsky as' the most artificial city in the world', St Petersburg was founded by Tsar Peter the Great in 1703 as the capital of the Russian Empire, which it remained for more than two hundred years until the government moved to Moscow after the revolution of 1917. This is a beautiful city with a rich history, and offers many treats for lovers of art and architecture.