Moscow a main city of Russia, main sight is Red Square who gives feeling of the shocking difference between the familiar images and the actuality, also the most famous buildings are the St. Basils Cathedral which gives you the great picture of the glorious celebration of Ivan the Terribles victory at Kazan and the Kremlin, dont miss the Lenins tomb in Red Square, the fabulous decorative variety of the Metro stations, monumentto the citys founder Yuri Dolgoruki, Cathedrl of Christ the Saviour which was demolished during Soviet peroid but it is reconstructed, Triumphal arch on Kutuzov avenue, you can enyoj in Novodevichy Convent which is one of the World Heritage Site and Tsaritsino park and palace, most fabulous is fountain "Friendship of Nations" in All-Russia Exhibition Centre, Moscow State Historical Museum and Pushkin Museum of the Fine Arts, Moscow is beatiful city with many cultural and historical sights and buildings.

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