Argentina or full and officially name Argentine Republic. Located on southeastern part of South America. It border with Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Chile and have coast on Atlantic Ocean. Total area of Argentina is 2,8 million  km2 and it is a eight large country in the world. Argentina has claims on South Georgia, South Sandwich Islands and the Falklands Islands. Argentina is member of WBG, United Nations, OAS, WTO, OEI, CELAC. Also it is part of G-15 and G-20 major economies. Capital city and also the largest is Buenos Aires. Interesting fact about Argentina a name is that that on Latin argentums means silver. It doesn’t have silver but the name come following the rumors that in Argentina is located a silver mountain by Spanish conquerors. Climate is temperate with ranges from sub polar to sub tropical. Argentina is a federal constitutional republic and it represents a democracy. Argentines economy is third in Latin America and has a Very High Human Development Index also have high GDP per capita. Population estimated in 2013 is 42,000,000 people. Argentina is considered as a melting pot or new settlement for immigrants. Most percent of population are consisted of European immigrations. Official language is Spanish. Main religion is Christianity. As many country in South America Argentina also have to offer you lot of significant architecture, nature, culture and the most important the music on which are famous by its tango.