Chile full and officially name Republic of Chile. Well known country located in South America that is occupying a narrow and long strip of land between Andes and and Pacific Ocean. It border with Peru, Bolivia, Drake Passage and Argentina. Also Chilean territory includes: Easter Island, Juan Fernandez Islands and Salas y Gomez. Capital and the largest city is Santiago. As regards economy Chile is the most stable nation. It has an emerging economy and middle power of economy. It is a leading country in competitiveness, human development, globalization, income per capita, economic freedom, state of freedom and the low perception of corruption. Chile is also the first South American country that joined the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. Also Chile is member of Union of South American Nations, United Nations and Community of Latin American and Caribbean States. As regards World Bank Chile is a high income economic state and developed country. As regards government Chile is unitary presidential constitutional republic. National language is Spanish. As regards ethnic groups Chile is multiethnic state with many different ethnic backgrounds. Main religion is Roman Catholicism. Climate is diverse. In the north is dry because the desert Atacama, in the centre is Mediterranean climate and to the east and south is from humid subtropical to oceanic climate. As many country in South America Chile has to offer you a lot from beautiful nature to famous culture and architecture.

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